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Alliant Capital Advisors Brentwood. TN, is pleased to announce the acquisition of First General Services of Augusta GA., a water, fire, and disaster repair service, by Response Team 1. The transaction was led by Bill Marrero, managing partner at Alliant Capital Advisors in Brentwood Tennessee, who initiated and acted as […]

Response Team 1 Acquires First General Services

How Capital Gains Affects Your Business – TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE !! By: Bill Marrero You are probably aware that the current capital gains rate of 15% will increase to 20% after the end of this year unless Congress enacts legislation to extend the Bush tax cut. You […]

Time Is Not On Your Side !!

VERY CONFIDENTIAL TRANSACTION Seller’s biggest fear is that their employees, customers or suppliers might discover that their business is for sale. Public knowledge of a pending transaction would have a devastating effect on the ongoing operation of the business. Buyer must agree to a confidentiality agreement Buyer must indicate financial […]

6 Characteristics in the Sale of a “Privately Owned Business”

Your reason(s) for selling your business and your future goals need to be clear and well thought out before you try to market your business.  A prospective buyer will want to know why you are selling and may be curious about what you intend to do after the sale. A […]