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Ice Bucket Challenge
The Ice Bucket Challenge has helped raise millions of dollars for ALS research. Last week, our office was challenged & we accepted. Our office has been directly impacted by ALS, so we know firsthand the devastating effect that this terrible disease has on anyone who has it, as well as […]

Ice Bucket Challenge!

How Capital Gains Affects Your Business – TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE !! By: Bill Marrero You are probably aware that the current capital gains rate of 15% will increase to 20% after the end of this year unless Congress enacts legislation to extend the Bush tax cut. You […]

Time Is Not On Your Side !!

One of the major problems in pricing businesses, especially small ones, is the record-keeping of the owner.  Most owners are “chief cook and bottle-washer.” Maintaining the financial records is not necessarily high on his or her list.  In many cases, the bills and receipts are tossed in an envelope and […]

Difficulties in determining the selling price of a business.