Most people think heavy promotion is a necessity when it comes to making a sale. After all, when you sell a car, you want word to spread. More people mean more chance for a sale. This, however, is not the case when it comes to selling a business. What is […]

Why Does Selling a Business Confidentially Matter?

  Improving economy leads to higher median valuation for businesses and the third year-over-year quarterly increase of businesses sold in a row. The Wall Street Journal published an article this week titled Finally, a Good Time to Sell the Business. In it, they provide a case study, which is becoming […]

Retirement is Becoming Reality Again for Owners Who Sell Their ...

Shaking Hands
  Just Rent It storage units in Cave City Ky was acquired by G Unit Ky LLC from Brentwood Tn.  Alliant Capital Advisors initiated and acted as advisors for this transaction. We would like to congratulate both parties as they move into their next transition after this. It is our […]

Closing of the Week

There are a number of reasons why businesses fail to sell. Often it’s despite investor interest and years of proven business success. Let’s take a look at the numbers before we break down the four main reasons. With only a 10% success rate in selling their businesses, most baby boomers are […]

4 Reasons Why Only 10% of Businesses Are Sold

A great offering in a fast growing area of Metro Nashville. This facility has been the preferred shop for years. A full service shop with real estate will allow for an owner operator to experience growth for years to come.  Sale price includes real estate and building. Detailed Information Facilities:  […]

Auto Repair Business For Sale in Wilson County, Tennessee

As a seller, there are some common decisions you may have to make: Financing – Do you prefer a higher offer with some seller financing or a lower offer with cash at close? Transition – Are you looking for a quick exit? Does the buyer expect a lengthy transition? Employees […]

Decisions you need to make when selling your business.

You want to beat the rush You’ve heard about the baby boomers. They’ve started to retire in a big way. Some of them are business owners, which should mean that there will be a lot more businesses out there with “for sale” signs hanging on them. Simple supply and demand […]


Takeaway:                    Identifying and articulating the goodwill in your business can have a significant impact on value. Source: According to a 2010 study by KPMG entitled, “Intangible Assets and Goodwill,” over 50% of the purchase price of a business is typically allocated to goodwill. Since the largest part of the purchase […]

How Goodwill Impacts Business Value

Selling your business is a detailed process, and it is one you want to take  great care in handling. As you seek potential buyers, you want to be prepared  for whatever might come your way—including probing questions from interested  acquirers. Every potential suitor will be different and will have a […]

Selling Your Business? Be Ready for These 8 Questions