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Another record year for Alliant as we closed 25 businesses in 2015. In addition, our average transaction was more than double that of 2014 ( previous best year). Our buyers for 2015 included a range of Private Equity, Strategic as well as individual buyers looking to exit Corporate America. There was a diverse mix of industries including Franchise and Non-Franchise businesses. These businesses ranged from Manufacturing, Contracting/Construction, Fast Food, Retail, Auto Repair, Pest Control, Food Supply and Car Wash. As you can see, we are comfortable in any industry, size or location for any business listing.

We are getting a fast start to 2016 as we have many new deals in the pipeline.

There are many reasons that activity has increased including an improved lending environment and economy. With the aging population of business owners, we are looking for more SELLERS. With the tremendous activity that we are seeing, we have more qualified buyers wanting to own their own business. THIS IS THE BEST BUSINESS SELLING ENVIRONMENT IN YEARS.

Remember that we offer a  FREE BUSINESS OPINION OF VALUE and are a SUCCESS FEE based company. We only get paid when we successfully sell a business.