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Maui Sunset


Being a Business Broker gives me the opportunity to come in contact with other business owners possessing terrific entrepreneurial spirit.  Traveling expands that contact and often allows me to gain insight into how businesses operate profitably. A recent trip to Maui reminded me that business flexibility is key for continued success.

In Maui I was introduced to a variety of businesses. These establishments have found their niche and provide great value and service, while also delivering a product in high demand. Examples include gift shops featuring locally made products, rental businesses around the beautiful Hawaiian waters, and specialty food markets.

Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop LogoOne business in particular stood out as supplying both wonderful products and stellar service to the traveler. LEODA’S KITCHEN AND PIE SHOP has long been a favorite of locals and visitors and has a known reputation for great sandwiches and desserts. Our introduction to the shop involved a delicious mid-afternoon Banana cream pie, which was a perfect way to bridge our sightseeing to our dinner.

While there, we learned of a new service at Leoda’s. I named it the “Flight Picnic”.

Originally, Leoda’s decided to start opening for breakfast. However, the owners soon found that there was a demand in take out food specifically for travelers. For anyone that has travelled long distances, the lack of quality food at both airports and on the flight itself is apparent.

Here is where flexibility yielded a new reason to stop. In addition to breakfast, Leoda’s now offers another service. For $30, you can build your own sandwiches on homemade bread, add some  Maui style chips, and top it off with a drink and cookie. All of it comes neatly packed in a Souvenir thermal bag. Eating ours on the plane sure got envious looks.

As airlines continue to skimp on the food items and charge high prices for mediocre offerings, someone can fill that gap. While you can always go for the fast food, I love the opportunity to support local owners.

It is this vision and flexibility that will continue to serve Leoda’s well and provide others the challenge to do the same with their business.

If you plan on traveling to Maui, be sure to look up Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop while you’re there. You will also find them on Facebook  and on Twitter – where you can see pictures of their food and keep up with daily specials.