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How To Sell A Business In Huntsville, AL

At Alliant, Capital, it’s our job to get business owners top dollar when selling a business.

We are proud to be the Mid- South’s largest business brokerage.  Over the past decade, we have helped sell over 150 business for over $125,000,000.

We have the tools, resources, and experience to reach potential buyers, while maintaining confidentiality about the sale. We also have a backlog of buyers interested in acquiring businesses in the Alabama area, particularly in bustling Huntsville.

Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you successfully though the process of selling your Huntsville business.

What Is Your Business Worth?

Get a free and confidential opinion of value for your business. Get the intel before you sell.

Business in Huntsville

Military Family on Beach

In recent years Huntsville has been growing rapidly, competing with Birmingham to become Alabama’s largest city.  With a strong focus on jobs, infrastructure, education and economic development the city is even drawing attention from major NYC companies, and the FBI for future projects. 

This thriving economy is just one of the reasons Huntsville is on fire right now, with no signs of slowing anytime soon. 

The city’s low cost of living and low unemployment rate are also promising indicators of its continued appeal for both businesses and residents.  


About Huntsville, Alabama


Huntsville has approximately 193,00 thousand residents with the largest group of people between age 25-44 (World Population Review).

Unemployment Rate

 The unemployment rate in Huntsville is 3.5% according to Forbes

Cost of Living

There has never been a better time to do business in Huntsville.  With a cost of living under the national average and with the recent renaissance of the city, it was named #7 in US News Best Places To Live In America

Forbe's Rankings

According to Forbes, Huntsville is one of the Top 20 Leading Metros for Business. With the increased attention the city has been getting in the past few years alone, we expect this interest and high rankings to stay true for years to come.

Top Industries in Huntsville

Here is a look at the top 3 industries in Huntsville:

  • 14.5% Professional or Tech related
  • 12.9% Healthcare
  • 10.1% Manufacturing

Business Resources

The following is a list of resources for business owners in Huntsville:

FAQs About Selling A Business

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Business Valuation
Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Valuation

Opinion of Value 

Most business owners know the value of their homes, cars, and personal finances. Yet, few know the true value of their business. Our intermediaries use tools and expertise to help determine the maximum market value for your business during its sale.


Why is confidentiality important in the sale of a business?

 Confidentiality is a must when a business owner decides to sell his Huntsville business.  We believe that it is imperative for  everyone (employees, customers, vendors and lendors) to remain unaware of the sale until it is final and complete. This protects the value of the business for both the seller and any potential buyers.  


Confidential Marketing Package 

The Alliant process includes a Confidential Marketing Package for your company during the sale of your business. Within that, we use a combination of print media, trade publications, internet marketing, direct mail marketing and telemarketing. This allows us to reach a broad base of buyers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Different advisors available

Advisors for Merger and Acquisitions have different styles and techniques. That’s why when you sell your business with Alliant, we offer a large scale of advisors to help you make the right calls for your future.

We have an M&A advisor with the style to best suit you – whether you prefer a more hands-off approach  or want constant communication through the process. Our team handles everything from administrative tasks to offering advice. 

Selling a business is a complex and challenging process  so we want you get the best advisor during this journey. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Buyer, Commercial Printing Company

“Thanks so much for your assistance with our recent business acquisition. Because of your guidance and ability to maneuver through the necessary dialog between both parties, from the due diligence stage to closing, we enjoyed a seamless and successful transition.”

Owner, UPS Store

“When I decided to sell my UPS Store franchise, I chose Alliant to broker the sale of my store. They were fast, professional, and efficient in getting the details necessary to provide my listing to the public. Through their network of leads they were able to quickly procure a buyer for my store and the transaction closed successfully. From start to finish, Alliant stayed on top of the transaction and was an integral part of managing the negotiations between the Buyer and myself.”

Owner, Personal Staffing Agency

““Selling a business is not easy. Alliant Capital Advisors has effective systems for helping clients with questions about value, preserving confidentiality and creating a positive negotiating environment. The final negotiations with the buyer were handled in an extremely professionaland creative manner.”