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Over the last decade, the construction industry has seen relatively steady growth until the recent pandemic. Due to slowdowns in everything from materials manufacturing plants to shelter in place orders, the industry has declined. If you’re considering shifting away from the industry and into something new or more niche, you might be considering selling your construction company. The great news is that most small businesses in this industry get bought by other established companies to expand.

Our team at Alliant Capital Advisors specializes in helping business owners successfully sell their business. We proudly believe, “Our only business is selling your business… Confidentially.” Our proven selling model has successfully sold businesses of all sizes in all marketplaces.

Even in an uncertain market, we know there are always eager buyers looking to take on your company. Before preparing to sell, consider how attractive your business appears to potential buyers. Much like curb appeal on a well-built home, you’ll want to ensure all your business assets shine and your books, client list, and any unique offerings are highlighted.

If you have customized artisans on staff, make sure you compile a visual portfolio of their work as this adds value to your company. Catalog all equipment owned by the business and any applicable warranty information, service records, or storage facility fees. Review your books and compile an accurate market valuation (Opinion of Value) for your business and assets. At Alliant, one of our business valuation experts can provide you with a free, confidential Opinion of Value statement to get you started.

When listing your business, confidentiality is crucial to keep your business working while you entertain buyers and negotiate terms. Our team of highly trained business brokers confidentially markets your business to our active buyers, extended business networks, and via our highly-engaging online listings portal.

At Alliant Capital Advisors, we don’t collect any fees until after the deal closes. This allows you to continue to focus on running your business and contracting new business until closing. Having a well-planned exit strategy allows a seamless transition from you to your construction company’s new owners, ensuring projects are completed as promised and clients remain happy with the business.

If you’re looking to successfully sell your construction company, contact us today. Our experts are ready to provide a free market value for your business.