Manufacturing SE US I65 Corridor

South East United States

Asking Price: $2,199,000

Cash Flow: $616,000

Gross Revenue: $7,402,110

Business Description

  • Regional industry leader since 1967, diverse range of customers, Their only bi-product then becomes a high-profit, recycled item.
  • High Market Share Sustainability with little room for new competitors
    • Custom sizing prohibits competitive entry – can change run sizes four times a day and produces 800 different sizes
    • Supplier connections for decades with difficult entry for competitors
  • Absentee ownership potential: There is an experienced facilities and operations manager in place and under contract who already handles contracts, contacts and all operations.
  • Customer tenure is unsurpassed with some clients going back 30 years
  • Great growth potential as current distribution is predominantly north and south of the facility and untouched east and west
  • Space allows ample product storage which facilitates client on time delivery and inventory management
  • 108,000 Square feet with 8,000 ft dedicated to office space, and plenty of room for another low-cost production line

This listing was added 04/09/2020

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