Transition and Downsizing Specialist in Middle-TN

Middle Tennessee

Asking Price: $549,000

Cash Flow: $173,009

Gross Revenue: $803,256

Business Description

This company is a ‘first in class’ Senior/Specialty Move Management organization. We specialize in working with clients during their relocation and downsizing in Nashville and the Middle-TN area. Almost all of our clients are going to a smaller space; they are moving, to houses, condos, and apartments.

Our primary mission is to work through the logistics, and emotions, of downsizing when moving to a smaller home.  We work with both robust clients who are ready to ‘right size’ as well those who are older and desire to move for an easier and more supportive lifestyle. Our typical client is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start.

Our clients and/or their family members view us as planners, packers, decorators and emotional support partners. We are ‘relocation event planners’ who help create the plan and then actualize events.

This listing was added 01/21/2021

The Listing Broker

Grant Brasher

(615) 948-8038