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Southeast Established Multi Store, LBM and Home Centers

Middle Tennessee

Asking Price: $4,800,000

Cash Flow: $904,000

Gross Revenue: $18,744,589

Business Description

Established, well-managed stores whose strength is a knowledgeable staff rooted in customer service. Both stores balance diverse and comprehensive selections of LBM and Hardware offerings giving the customers the ability to shop with one store for all their needs. If the stores do not have it, special ordering is not a problem with a long line of dedicated vendors. Both locations are set in communities that are steadily growing and near surrounding towns with similar growth trends. Recent data show many people relocating to these areas for jobs as well as the lifestyle of comfortable living that the Southeast provides. As both stores have served their respective communities for over 75 years, they possess the name, dependability, and longevity to supply customers, contractors, developers, or industries into this future growth! As essential businesses, both stores remained open and saw great growth through the Covid crises and are looking at a probable 8-10% yearly growth over the next 5-10 years.

This listing was added 09/19/2022

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