Specialty Construction South East United States

South East US

Asking Price: $3,199,000

Cash Flow: $849,637

Gross Revenue: $4,751,000

Business Description

Contracts through August 2021

  • Has been a regional industry leader since 1985, helping Client-Based, Owner Direct, Commercial customers with new and existing properties. Approximately 80% of this business is maintenance related construction.
    Contractually Booked Thru August 2021
    High Market Share Sustainability with little room for new competitors –
  • Employee Relationship Driven prohibits competitive entry – Approximately half their business is negotiated and not bid. It would be cost prohibitive for anyone to enter this market as a competitor because of their reputation, existing customer tenure and employee culture.
    • Customer tenure is unsurpassed with some clients going back 30 years
  • Supplier connections for decades with difficult entry for competitors
  • Opportunity: We have a perfect storm when it comes to opportunity.An exodus of Industry and Manufacturing in the high tax states
    • Welcome sign in the Southern States
      Desirability of Southern Living
      Deregulation policies that are bringing businesses back to the United States

This listing was added 09/14/2020

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