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Think using a business broker is an unnecessary expense? Not if you want a profitable sale.

Business owners working with a small business broker sell their businesses faster and for more money (as much as 40% more) than those who go solo. That’s because selling a business is a complicated process that is most successful when using a professional broker.

Deciding to sell your company that you’ve built with blood, sweat and tears is no easy task and may just be the biggest business decision of your career. Once you are ready to sell, you will want a streamlined process that puts your business in front of the right buyers.

The Alliant Capital Advisors team not only works to find the buyers for you, we negotiate on your behalf and handle all the details to get to a successful closing. Throughout the process, you are able to stay focused where you’re needed most: maintaining the business so it stays desirable to potential buyers.

Here are 4 important reasons for small business owners to work with professional business brokers:

Understanding The Real Value of Your Business

Your business is an asset. However unlike other assets, most business owners are not aware of the true value of their business. When it comes time to sell, some business owners may overvalue the business based on emotional attachment or a dollar amount needed to support their next chapter in life (retirement, another business venture). Too often, business owners actually sell for far less than market value because they don’t understand what their business is really worth.

Getting an opinion of value first lets business owners know they are asking the right price. Our team understands there are multiple methods of valuation and will help you find the right approach for the market value of your business.

Marketing Your Business Confidentially

Maintaining confidentiality about the sale of your business is crucial. Should your intent become public knowledge you run the risk of losing clients, employees and even vendors. This makes it easy for competitors to take advantage of your position. When this happens, the business may take a hit to sales and profits, which make it less appealing to potential buyers.

At Alliant, our only business is selling your business confidentially. We have the network established to market to buyers discreetly without disruption to your business operations. Throughout the entire process our brokers guide clients through valuation, marketing, screening, buyer qualification and education, negotiation, and closing while keeping confidentiality a priority.

Guiding A Seamless & Successful Transition

The right business broker is interested not only in the facts of the business but also understands the priorities of the seller. They show genuine interest in the structure of the sale as well as the owner’s own personal reasons for selling and concern regarding employee and client relationships.  An experienced broker will use this to facilitate negotiations that lead to a successful conclusion that both buyers and sellers can feel good about.

Selling a business can also be an overwhelming, emotional process for business owners who care deeply. Answering questions, supplying information in a timely manner and providing encouragement and guidance from start to finish is just another way we strive to assist our clients.     

Ensuring A Smooth Transaction

Selling a business is a complicated commercial transaction. Professional business brokers are aware of the common pitfalls of a business sale and work hard to avoid them. It’s important to understand the needs of the buyer and how to solve problems when they arise. Successful business brokerage teams have a proven system that smoothly maneuvers both parties from due diligence to closing by acting as a buffer between them.

The Alliant team takes pride in giving clients confidence that they have made the right decision to work with us. Unlike other firms, no fees are charged until the deal closes. Our clients don’t have to worry about upfront, out of pocket expenses for services that may not work.

As a small business owner, you are accustomed to wearing multiple hats. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know some else is working hard for you, with your best interests at heart?  

Are you considering selling your small business in the near future? If so, contact us today for a free, private conversation about your goals.