Edmond Legum

I am committed to helping business sellers and business buyers make good deals. This means that I may at times have to say things that they do not want to hear. But it also means that we set clear expectations to reduce the chance of unexpected surprises that play havoc on negotiations. My background is business. For the past 30 years I have consulted with businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to help them increase the productivity of their five key resources: (1) people: how to transform customer service, salespeople, and managers into top producers, (2) product: how to find a competitive edge through pricing, packaging, and management of products and services, (3) place: how to improve what customers see and experience, (4) promotion: how to find and stimulate new customers to buy from you, and (5) processes: how to give your people the systems they need to get the job done. This gives me both insight and perspective. I can help sellers prepare to sell. And I can help buyers make good buying decisions.

Phone: 770-715-3337

Email: legum@alliantbroker.com


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