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  • The bedrock principle of Alliant is to bring the highest level of honesty and integrity to all of our interactions. Our integrity and honesty are non-negotiable principles of our culture.


  • Selling your business can be an organized process where each step maximizes profit and advance preparation expedites the sale, or it can be a dismal failure full of negative interactions, confusion, and time consuming financial due diligence.
  • We have developed a very disciplined, proven process that enables the valuation of businesses, confidential marketing, screening of prospective buyers, negotiations, and due diligence management. As always, the entire process is covered under a cloak of confidentiality.


  • Alliant does not accept any retainers or up-front fees.
  • The only way we receive a fee is when we sell your business.

Discover the Real Value of Your Business

Start with a free conversation about your business & goals. An expert will assess your business assets and provide guidance on how to make it most attractive to buyers.

HOW IT WORKS: 4 Simple Steps To Sell Your Business


Our process is simple. We provide a free opinion of value & guidance on how to get your business ready to sell.
When you are ready, we market your business using an exclusive, proven process.

From marketing to closing, we handle all the details.

Tell Us About Your Business

We Provide A Free Opinion of Value


We Market Your Business

You Sell & Enjoy What’s Next

Sell With Confidence

Contact us today. Get a free opinion of value & find out what your business is really worth.
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Join hundreds of business owners who realized the dream of buying or selling a business with Alliant Capital.

“Selling a business is not easy. Alliant Capital Advisors has effective systems for helping clients with questions about value, preserving confidentiality and creating a positive negotiating environment.”


Personal Staffing Agency

“They were genuinely concerned about my desires regarding structure of the sale, my concern for long time employees and my own employment contract. I felt like my broker really thought about what was best for me.”


UPS Store

“Your organization provided excellent support and timely information which allowed a smooth due diligence process. The closing went as planned. I’m looking ahead to the next deal we can do with Alliant.”


Paving Company

“Alliant Capital’s knowledge, experience and disciplined process impressed us. They helped us value our business and advertised in a very confidential manner. They also handled all negotiations superbly.”


Fine Dining Restaurant


Our only business is selling your business confidentially.

Sell A Business

The decision to sell your business is one of the most important financial transactions you’ll ever undertake. And we’ll be with you through the whole process.


Opinion of Value

Most business owners know the value of their home and their automobiles but have no idea about the value of their most important asset…their business


Free Consultation

We provide a free, no strings attached consultation. Tell us about your business & your exit strategy. We’ll help you define the next steps in the process.

Buy A Business

We recognize the importance of finding a business where you can be most successful. One that fulfills your professional desires as well as your financial needs.


View Listings

Purchasing an existing business reduces an entrepreneurs risk while creating opportunities for tremendous profit. Ready to find an available opportunity?


Aer you looking for ongoing investment opportunities to expand your business portfolio? We can help you get a first look at new listings.

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Sell your business the right way and get paid what you deserve. Contact an experienced business broker today. Your contact information is kept confidential.