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Selling a business is not easy. Alliant Capital Advisors has effective systems for helping clients with questions about value, preserving confidentiality and creating a positive negotiating environment. The final negotiations with the buyer were handled in an extremely professional and creative manner.”
– Owner, Personal Staffing Agency

Alliant Capital Advisors sold my business quickly. Their knowledge, experience, and disciplined process impressed us. They helped us value our business and advertised in a very confidential manner. They handled negotiations superbly.”
-Owner, Fine Dining Restaurant

“Thanks so much for your assistance with our recent business acquisition. Because of your guidance and ability to maneuver through the necessary dialog between both parties, from the due diligence stage to closing, we enjoyed a seamless and successful transition.”
-Buyer, Commercial Printing Company

“When we decided to sell our business, we did not have a plan for how to achieve our objectives. We were referred to Alliant Capital Advisors, and they guided us through the process to a successful conclusion. Their professionalism and encouragement allowed us to confidently proceed with our personal retirement plans as the transaction was being completed.”

“The folks at Alliant really made an impression on me. At our first meeting, it became obvious that these professionals take their agency role very seriously. Also, it has been a long time since I met people in the business world who listened more than they pitched. Not only were they interested in my business, sales figures, assets, and such, but they were genuinely concerned about my desires regarding the structure of the sale, my concern for long-time employees, and my own employment contract. I felt like my broker really thought about what was best for me in negotiations with our buyer.”
-Owner, UPS Store

“Your organization provided excellent support and timely information which allowed a smooth due diligence process. The closing went as planned. So far we have not run into any surprises, which is what I would expect if all sides did their job. I believe this was certainly the case in this deal!!! Again, thanks for your help and I’m looking forward to the next deal we can do with Alliant.”
-Owner, Paving Company

“When I decided to sell my UPS Store franchise, I chose Alliant to broker the sale of my store. They were fast, professional, and efficient in getting the details necessary to provide my listing to the public. Through their network of leads, they were able to quickly procure a buyer for my store and the transaction closed successfully. From start to finish, Alliant stayed on top of the transaction and was an integral part of managing the negotiations between the Buyer and myself.”

“Alliant remained available at all times to make sure both parties had all of the documents and information they needed to close the transaction. Since the transaction, I have successfully worked with Alliant on the sale of several other businesses and refer new businesses to them often. They are a well-trained group of professionals who I look forward to doing business again with soon.”
Owner, UPS Store

“I wanted to pass on my appreciation for the job that Alliant Capital performed on the selling of our family-owned 40-year-old wrecker service. The entire transaction went much smoother than I thought it would and was conducted in the manner that was presented by them upfront. I would highly recommend them to any individual business owner that is considering selling their business.”
-Owner, Wrecker Service