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In my last post, I observed the flexibility of one company and how it lead to a successful new opportunity for them. Considering how quickly the landscape of business changes these days, it’s essential to have some of that flexibility built-in. Likewise, when changes take place in one industry, it can create ripple effects for small business owners in other industries. For some, these unintended consequences can be great for business.

For example, when was the last time you travelled with the idea of playing golf and decided against it because of the cost of flying with your clubs? In today’s commercial flight environment, most airlines make it cost prohibitive to bring clubs along on a trip.

Yet, this puts the golfer in a tricky position: pay to travel with your own bag or attempt to rent a set of clubs. I, for one, have always been leary of renting clubs because of not knowing what I would have in “in the bag”, not to mention the expense usually associated with rental.

However, on a recent trip to Maui, I had the pleasure of discovering Dick Lowe and Maui Club Rentals. Dick has been in the golf business for many years as a teaching pro and a club maker.  Dick’s business model allows him to “customize “ a set of clubs for each golfer based on a 19 question survey. Dick even followed up with me after the survey with additional questions and challenges to make sure that what I received would do the job.

Playing custom made clubs that are delivered to and picked up from your resort was a joy. The $25 fee was 1/3 of what it would have cost to rent clubs from the course, not to mention these were tailored to me and my game.

Dick has a passion for golf and really cares that the product that he puts out is high quality. I played better with Dick’s clubs than I do with my own set. In fact, my plan is to order the Driver and Fairway metals from Dick to replace what is in my bag as he offers great prices on new custom clubs as well. So, not only did I rent from him but I will now be a repeat customer. All because the airline charges too much to travel with clubs.

If you are planning on visiting Hawaii in the future, be sure and check Dick out at www.mauiclubrentals.com and follow them on facebook as well. It will make your golf experience very enjoyable.

Thanks Dick, I look forward to our next visit to Maui.

Bill Kendrick