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Privacy is a vital aspect of selling a business. Most businesses cannot and should not announce that they are for sale without risking negative effects to the business itself. In our decades of experience at Alliant, we’ve found that most of our clients turn to us for this very reason. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners sell their business for maximum profit without compromising their confidentiality.

If you are considering selling your business now or in the coming months, here’s how confidentiality is critical during that time.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process is your opportunity to instill confidence for a potential buyer. During this time, many aspects of the business are disclosed, such as legal, financial, and operational information. Though you want to provide necessary data about your business and operations, you don’t want to tell a potential buyer everything. Information that is completely sensitive, personal, privileged or potentially causes a breach of contract should be omitted.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of due diligence, we require each potential buyer to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before providing information about your business. We also act as intermediaries to communicate any concerns that either the buyer or seller may have regarding the sales transaction.

Limiting Uncertainty

Businesses may limit the number of people that are aware of the sale to prevent uncertainty within the company and with clients or vendors. It’s important to keep morale up and not involve any anxiety driven shifts in policy or staff. Not only will this give potential buyers confidence in purchasing your business, but it helps employees feel safe during this time.


Confidentiality is essential while marketing the sale of your business. Though it is possible to do this DIY, it’s much harder to do without a broker. Part of the Alliant Process includes a Confidential Marketing Package that allows us to use several different marketing platforms to describe your unique business without ever disclosing who you are. The marketing pieces we use keep the sales process confidential, so the business can receive the best offer and a smooth transition of the company.

If you would like more information on how Alliant can help you maintain the cloak of confidentiality you need to sell your business confidently, contact us today!